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My Ravens took a "L" just a bit ago, and to help sooth the pain I needed to visit my one true friend in the world...SUPERXOFFICIAL. Seeing as the next match up is on the West Side, I decided to take it to the Bay Area with this one.

Heres a brand new project from The Team (Clyde Carson, Kaz and Mayne Mannish), featuring 7 new tracks for you to get Hyphy. Enjoy and since the Ravens went home, lets cheer on the next Harbaugh...GO 49'ers!!!!!

Download: The Team - "Hell Of A Night"


Wazzuup!!! Happy 2012 to all my SXO fans and viewers! I know its January 16th and I'm a tad bit late wishing a happy new year but hey...better late than never, right!

Truthfully I waited this long to make my first new years post because I wasn't sure what type of post it would be. I wasn't sure if this would be a "Thank you for coming, god bless and good night" type of post or a "Prepare for a whole new SXO with all new SXO stuff and SXO features with SXO blah, blah, blah" type of post. Lets be honest, SUPERXOFFICIAL has come a long way in 3 years. Much further than I thought it would come. Which brings me to why I'm sharing everything with you now.

When I first started this site I was in a pretty dark place. My work situation was f'ed up, my marriage was on the rocks, money was tight. It was rough. Really, really rough! I created this site as a medium to get out my thoughts. She (she being SUPERXOFFICIAL) didn't judge me, she listened to whatever I had to say and she was always a fan of what I was a fan of. A match made in heaven if you ask me. I was excited to come home to her every day and share what I heard or discovered that I thought the world should also hear. Without argument, she would share. Life was great. Then something changed. Not a bad change but a change that would involve sacrifices.

Shortly after I started the site I found a new job (an awwweesome one) and money wasn't a issue anymore. I also worked out my marriage and parental issues. Things were amazing but SUPERXOFFICIAL suffered. The very thing I created to lean on in my tough days began to collect dust when things became brighter. I still love her but I'm not sure how to let her go....or even if I want to let her go! I got an e-mail not too long ago asking where I've been and how I was "the spot to go to for amazing unsigned/ untapped music" (You know the best kind of music you find before someone blows up). I haven't responded to that e-mail because I'm not sure what the future of SUPERXOFFICIAL holds.

This post is either a prologue to something great to come or the close of something great that was. I don't know. I look at the smile on my wife's face when we spend time together and then I see my son with the SUPERXOFFICIAL logo as his iPod touch background. Success is in my future, only time will tell if SUPERXOFFICIAL is too.