New music from Nando off the upcoming SpreadLove mixtape. Check out what Nando has to say about this track:

I finally have a final release date for my mixtape as well as a 1st single I
would like to present to you. The track is called "1988 (The Crack Era)" simply
because that's the year I was born and that's when D.C. was at it's most
dangerous...Right now I'm at the point in my life where I'm living to
survive...I have a job that I honestly don't enjoy being at because music is my
love & passion. But living in the DMV is sooo discouraging. You have one
type of sound that is glorified for all the WRONG reasons...Out of that created
my fustration and birthed this record.

I talk about everything from my
trust issues to how I honestly think I'm the nicest in the DMV...Stories of an

SpreadLove drops 10/11/12

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