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Hola all my remaining followers!! First off, today is my born day so I expect everyone to leave happy wishes in the c-section. Second, its been over a month since I dropped some new new on you (eww that sounds nasty) so here goes something extra dope. I actually came across this project a few days ago but I haven't had time to post it up until now. You see, my dude Hilton Carter (super director of the HBO movie Moth) and Ian Mattingly (aka E Major) are working a new film called "One Last Run." The movie is a comedy about 3 small time crooks from the neighborhood of Pigtown, in Baltimore MD, who need to find another score to payoff a debt.

Teamed up with is two minions, Marcus and Syd, they are known around town as "The Benz Boyz". This is for their love of Mercedes Benz cars and the luxury lifestyle. We spend the film following Branch as he makes dumb decision after dumb decision, only to find what he wasn't looking for.
From what Ive heard so far in talking with co-writer Ian, the movie sounds pretty dope. But I didn't expect anything less from these 2. Which comes to the most important reason (besides the free promo) that I'm posting this up. You see contrary to popular belief, movies cost money to make (I know that sounds nuts, but its true). So Hilton set up a Kickstarter account to acquire some additional funding for the project.

Now I know what you're thinking; "Marc you're asking me to help fund this project, but did YOU put up any cash." Its ok, I would be thinking the same thing to. To answer your question, YES. So to make a long post short, head on over to Hilton's Kickstarter account, pull out your credit card (no Independence cards please) and support a good independent film.

Thank you all for coming, GOD bless and good night.