Mic check, mic check, mic check!! The time has come once again for me to put on my digital backpack and searched the internets for another lucky artist to sit down for an exclusive interview. The lottery winner this go round? None other than the S the T the A the L the L the E the Y (that's Stalley for those unable to put letters together and form words). With a resume that includes the likes of Mos Def, The Cool Kids, Curren$y, The Roots, Mickey Factz, Ski Beatz, and more, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to rap with the new emcee and talk future plans, fantasy collaborations and favorite Chappelle Show skits! Another award winning SUPERXOFFICIAL interview if I do say so myself. Enjoy!

SUPERXOFFICIAL: For anyone out there that isn’t in the know; tell us “who is Stalley?”

Stalley: Stalley is the Bruce Springsteen of rap.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: You’ve been in the game since ’08 and have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing talent. What is it like to have features with artists like Mos Def, Mickey Factz, Curren$y and The Cool Kids on your resume in just a few years?

Stalley: I’ve definitely been blessed to work with the artists you mentioned, so it feels good.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Besides the artists Ive already mentioned, who are top 5 on your wish list of artists you would like to work with?

Stalley: I’d have to say Nas, Bruce Springsteen, Little Dragon, Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: So what would you say separates Stalley from other artists? What is Stalley bringing to the game?

Stalley: I bring a lot of Midwestern flavor, but also raw lyrics. What you see is what you get; there are no gimmicks. I think my flow is pretty unique too.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Whats your label status right now?

Stalley: I’m independent.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Whats are your thoughts on the industry now vs. what it used to be?

Stalley: I think the industry now is much different than what it used to be, which can be better if you understand how it works, because you can really build your own lane and make moves independently.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Top 3 things you need to have in the studio when you record?

Stalley: Serenity, Simply lemonade, and Orbit gum

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Outside of the music arena, are you currently part of any other ventures?

Stalley: Nope, just music.

2010 is anticipated to be a big year for artists. What can we expect to see from Stalley this year?

Stalley: Hopefully, you can expect to see me performing in a city near you. I also have a few solo projects in the works, one that’s almost done with a producer named Rashad from the group the 3rd out in Columbus, Ohio. I have a track on Curren$y’s record and a few on Ski Beatz’s record.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: What can we expect to see from Stalley in the next 5 years?

Stalley: In the next five years, you can expect me to be all over the world and God-willing a household name.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Now that we have the serious questions out of the way, lets have some fun! If you had chance to produce the “ultimate track," who would be featured on it and what would be the title?

Stalley: Marvin Gaye would be featured on it and I would let Marvin name it. (**Update: after this interview was completed I had an idea of working on a a mash-up project w/ Cookin' Soul entitled "Marvin Stalley")

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Favorite Chappelle Show skit?

Stalley: I like Black Bush

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Beyonce or Kim Kardashian?

Stalley: Neither.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: I would have said both, but that’s whats up. Haha. Thanks for time spent homie I appreciate it. Any final words for the people?

Stalley: Keep your eyes peeled for Stalley in 2010 and beyond. And check me out at, and my show the “Milq” at Also check out my blog at HighSnobiety:, and my “MilqandRookies” at Slam Online:

In addition to all the amazing things Stalley will deliver to your eardrums in the near future, look out for an exclusive SUPERXOFFICIAL x Stalley event coming soon!


Good interview! Stalley is killing things now. #MMG

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