If "art" is my middle name, than that sh*t is surely Mykola Dosenko's first! You know we only feature the best of the best here on SUPERXOFFICIAL...right? Well this interview is featuring nothing less than the best! Myk Dawg is slaying the design game right now. From Mick Boogie to Kayne West, my dude is doing the damn thing! We recently had the pleasure to sit down with Myk Dawg and talk everything from Design to Beyonce. Please by my guest to partake in the goodness and grab a notepad kiddies, you might learn something:

SUPERXOFFICIAL: First and foremost, I want to extend a big thanks for setting aside the time to chat with ya boy.

Myk Dawg: No problem sir!

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Ok, I’m a huge fan of art and design, and for those that have seen your work I’m sure are a fan of yours like I am. Describe the feeling and moment when you first sat down in front of a computer and realized you wanted to make this your profession.

Myk Dawg: Well...I know for sure Kanye's “College Dropout” inspired me to try this career path in 2005. I first sat down in front of a computer way earlier, in 1993 or so, and I’ve messed around with Photoshop since 1999.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Your designs are extremely original and it’s obvious you don’t follow “trends” or do what’s “hot.” Tell me a little about who/ what inspires you and your design style.

Myk Dawg: As a matter of fact I do follow what's “hot.” Haha. I just observe the latest, and pick out the stuff that I truly like. I just try to keep the inspiration less obvious and combine stuff in a way not likely to be used by the competition. Plus I keep my inspiration outside of what I do. I'm not very likely to get inspired by a music video or an illustration. But I get LOTS of inspirations out of sneakers, cartoons, music, industrial design, packaging, etc.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Your work has been featured by some pretty big names, i.e. Mick Boogie, DJ Shadow and your visual version of Kanye’s “Robocop”, just to name a few. How does it feel to have these major artists under your belt and are there any plans on working with other big named talent in the future?

Myk Dawg: It feels pretty dope for sure! I think it's important to keep a perspective or it's easy to get big-headed. The best way to do that is compare yourself to other professionals and realize how much more work needs to be done. As for the future, I can't say I have feasible plans to work with any big name artists but of course I'd love to work with A LOT of them. The list is way too long! haha

SUPERXOFFICIAL: If there was one design project you could remix, like a producer remixes an original track, what would that project be?

Myk Dawg: I'd like to remix some classic Air Jordan commercials. That'd be interesting.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: With a lot of attention focusing on “mainstream” artists/ designers like Kaws and Takashi Murakami, where do you feel that leaves room for up and coming designers like yourself?

Myk Dawg: I feel that there's a lot of room for up and coming designers these days. It's easy to carve out a niche for yourself and promoting yourself has never been this easy.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: What are your overall thoughts on the art/ design world?

Myk Dawg: It's very crowded and more diverse than ever. More competitive than a Sampras-Agassi match point! Definitely fun, every day.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: You have become very successful in such a short period of time. Describe your come up until now. What was the process and experience like becoming who you are recognized as today from first starting out as a designer?

Myk Dawg: I definitely wouldn't call myself “successful”. My name is only starting to circulate around the internet, and I hardly make any profit at all. haha Therefore I can't give out much advice as an “established artist”. All I can say is have patience and only do projects you believe in. That will be crucial in the long run.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: What’s the best advice you can give to emerging designers and aspiring artists looking to follow in similar footsteps as yourself?

Myk Dawg: Practice daily, kids. That's the only thing that might give you an edge
over the competition.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: What are some upcoming projects you have in the works?

Myk Dawg: Lots of stuff (some music videos coming up), but most importantly, launching my new brand Fartookind! ( It's going to be badass!
(Prior to releasing this interview Myk Dawg also was working on the design for the new Mick Boogie “The Changemakers” mixtape)

SUPERXOFFICIAL: OK, with the serious Q&A out of the way, its time to have some fun! If Myk Dawg somehow didn’t pursue design, what would he be doing?

Myk Dawg: I don't have an answer for this and hopefully won't find it out anytime soon. Haha!

SUPERXOFFICIAL: You wake up tomorrow and get a phone call to work on the project of your dreams. What would it be and why?

Myk Dawg: Working with Nike! I'd poop my pants for sure.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Beyonce or Rihanna?

Myk Dawg: Wow. This is a tough one! Well... Beyonce is probably more talented musically... But when I was single I used to daydream about Rihanna way more, haha.

SUPERXOFFICIAL: You’ve been hired to create your own reality TV series. What would be the concept and title of the show?

Myk Dawg: Snow Joke™: A polar bear living in a Manhattan studio apartment tries to fit in with the harsh surroundings and fast-paced lifestyle of this "dog-eat-dog" city!

SUPERXOFFICIAL: Aight Myk, it was a pleasure talking to you. Any last words?

Myk Dawg: I'd like everybody who reads this to kick some asses and take some names!

And there you have it boys and girls! From music to design we feature the best of the best. Keep Myk on your radar and remember where you heard of him first!!


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