We’ve all heard the saying before; “One mans trash is another mans treasure.” Well Trendy Trash clothing label Founder & CEO, Philip Nicholas, is taking that saying to a whole new level.

Philip’s California based clothing label “Trendy Trash” is quickly making a name for itself in both the fashion and entertainment world. Featuring a collection of t-shirts with vibrant colors, fun images, and creative sayings like “Death to Posers”, the label has no problem setting itself apart from the “pop-up” brands we’ve seen recently. Also, with artists and entertainers like Johnel, Fanny Pack, and Terry Kennedy all repping the brand, Trendy Trash is quickly moving to the forefront of the industry.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Philip and talk fashion, music, and ADHD? Haha…check it out:

Super Official: Everyone here at Super Official has been following Trendy Trash for some time, but for those that don’t know who you are, tell us what the self proclaimed “LA Troublemakers” are all about.

Philip (Trendy Trash): Trendy Trash is for the creative individual who refuses to blend in with the crowd. Its put together by, like you said, some Los Angeles troublemakers who came together to make some hot shit with meaning.

Super Official: It seems that after Pharrell, Lupe, and Kanye made it main stream starting a clothing label is "the thing to do," What makes your brand unique compared to the hundreds of other brands out there?

Philip: Mannnn over here it’s all about originality, we don't do this for the mainstream. Trendy Trash is inspired by everything that surrounds us from the day to day lifestyle. We sponsor artists that we believe are the future. We always keep it moving forward.

Super Official: I’m so glad you mentioned the artists you support because when we think of “Hollywood” we gotta think of Trendy Trash. For those out there that didn’t know before, we're about to put 'em on like Young Jeezy. Tell us about the brand being featured on both BET and MTV.

Philip: Yeah man, like I said before, we sponsor artists we believe are the future! R&B artist Johnel rocked our brand during a performance on BET and Fanny Pack represented on America’s Best Dance Crew. When everyone thought they [Fanny Pack] were a fad, we saw true talent. Team Blackout and U-N-I also support and rock Trendy Trash.

Super Official: Looking at your clothing, Trendy Trash seems to have a high end appeal to it while a lot of other “brands” are going for a street wear/ skater look. Is that [high end] look where you’re label is going?

Philip: We are high end streetwear, no corporate dudes involved, and strictly 100% independent. In fact, this recent collection meant a lot to me and to the brand. The collection is entitled "Everyone Nose" because being from LA its easy to get sucked into the “Hollywood” lifestyle. Some of it being bad from the sex, drugs, and money. This collection is referring to death of the that lifestyle.

Super Official: You guys obviously have a great vision and talented artists and musicians supporting your brand. How has the journey been for you building the Trendy Trash label?

Philip: When it was just an idea, there were people always telling me that I can’t do it and I don't have what it takes, but people always have negative shit to say. You just have to believe in what your heart tells you. I started the brand late ‘06 near Christmas, started dropping shit in ‘07, and the rest is history. The line is going no where but up, I’ve spent countless days with no sleep to make this happen. There's no 9 to 5 in this journey, it has to be with you everyday.

Super Official: Speaking of nowhere to go but up, you dropped a mixtape recently with the world renowned Terry Urban which is HUGE. Tell us a little bit about that.

Philip: The mixtape is titled "L.A.PLAYALISTICOUTERSPACECRUNKDAMUZIK". The title of the album was inspired by outkasts first project which just fit perfect to what trendy trash stands for. All the tracks on the mixtape fit what our lifestyle is about, inspired from the past to create a fashion forward movement. Terry urban is a very talented artist and I enjoyed working with him.

Super Official: I have to ask, because I know everyone out there is also wondering. Where did the name "Trendy Trash" come from?

Philip: Trendy Trash came from the concept "one mans trash is another mans treasure". When I was a young dude, If there was something I didn't like and I complained about it my mom always referred to that term and said be thankful for everything you have!

Super Official: I have always defined success as feeling you are where you are supposed to be and doing what you're supposed to do. With that said, where do you see yourself and Trendy Trash in the next 5 years?

Philip: I see us as a cutting edge brand and still trying to push the limits. Doing what we do now on a higher level to lead this fashion game and making it affordable. I’ve always believed its not how much something is but how you style it together.

Super Official: We've been talking a lot about Trendy, but tell us about Philip Nicholas, The man behind the brand.

Philip: Philip Nicholas is an ADHD dude who refuses to give up! As I was growing up, the cards were always against me. My whole outlook on life is what always kept me moving forward. My parents were middle class, it was hard to pay the rent on time and to put me and my sister thru private school from pre-school to graduation. That's why I always say never give up on your dreams and anything is possible, I live and die by that.

Super Official: It’s obvious that motivation and determination have always been in your blood and a part of your everyday life, and you reflect that in each collection you debut. What can we see from Trendy Trash in upcoming collections?

Philip: Our next collection, "Lost in Translation", will feature some cut-n-sew pieces along with coin purses. As far as collabs, we’re doing something with Gone Corporate and of course our boys at Super Official! We also stay in the LA nightlife and featuring our weekly LA SONIC parties. Trendy Trash is a movement baby! We’re not just clothes, we’re a lifestyle, a perspective of thought!

Super Official: On a final note, go ahead and air it out. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. The floor is yours...

Philip: This is your dude Philip Nicholas for Trendy Trash Is Fresh, LLC. rocking with our dudes SUPER OFFICIAL! Much love to all our dudes at Trendy Trash, the fam- my mentor Mike from Gone Corporate, Paid Bless, L&O, IM KING and to the future of music U-N-I, Hollywood holt, and Hollyweerd. Big shout out to the upcoming project “Man on the Moon” by my stylist and designer at Trendy Trash Myles Torres. Much love, LA, and we out!!

You can cop Trendy Trash gear now via their online store. Also look out for the upcoming 2009 Spring/Summer Trendy Trash collection coming soon.


I hear Phil just launced a new label called Rich Kids Club. You should feature the new label.

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