In every generation there are artists and musicians who are bold enough to step outside of the box and create music that transcends all others. These artists are eventually accredited as paving the way for other influential musicians and reshape the sound of music for the next generation. Artists like Elvis, The Beatles, Kool and the Gang, The OJ’s, The Temptations, The Neptunes, Jay-Z, Daft Punk, Timbaland, and the list goes on, all play(ed) a crucial role as to where music is today. Now it’s up to the artists they’ve influenced to take music to the next level. But before that can happen there has to be a musician who’s bold enough to move away from the norm and becomes an archetype for the next generation. Enter Mickey Factz, GFCnewyork, and the man behind the beats; Precize.

Super Official recently had the opportunity to sit down with Precize, the producer behind GFCnewyork and Mickey Factz, to talk Bansky, Country influences, and Thom Yorke. This beat smith is the Neo for our generation, pushing the limits and going beyond the boundaries taking us into the Matrix; into another realm. How does Precize do so you ask? Read our exclusive interview below as we find out how in an age of copycats, Precize manages to “Bring That Beat Back.”

Super Official: Everyone here at Super Official has been following you for some time now. But for those who don’t know Precize, give us a little background on the beat smith behind Mickey Factz and GFCnewyork.

Precize: I'm Precize one of the best up and coming producers period. I'm basically like any other artist, Banksy, Picasso, etc., except I paint paintings with music and words. I produce a bulk of Mickey Factz’s music, but everything anyone has heard so far is about to 2 years old. The hot shit will be out soon. I don't sample, and I produce everything from folk and jazz to lie. I'm more abstract then most producers and my sound is pretty real.

Super Official: I agree you do have a unique sound to your production, which is hard to come by these days when everyone is trying to sound like someone else. Is that something that you set out to do from day one?

Precize: I guess it just happened naturally. I've always been in to art ever since I was in 3rd grade. I took advanced level (art) classes from painting to sculpting. My influence and background is very diverse so my work was usually “different.” I started making beats by remaking other tracks that were crazy to learn how to structure my tracks. Most of the beats I remade were old OJ's to Marvin Gaye, and then the Neptunes and Timbaland. Then I started mimicking rock and techno records so I really could switch it up. I guess the best part of my production is that I can flip a beat from anything and really put to use everything I've learned.

Super Official: That’s interesting for you to say, because listening to your music and what sets your production apart from the norm is that it sounds more like compositions than just beats. You can definitely hear and feel the thought process that goes behind every track. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite tracks you produced was the “Summertime” remake on “Back to the Future.” Did you feel any pressure remaking such a popular song?

Precize: I honestly hated Will Smith’s “Summertime” [laughs]. Saint came to me with the track and I was like “word? I gotta remake this.” Then I heard the original of where Jazzy Jeff sampled it from (Kool & The Gang “Summer Madness”) and I was blown away. There was no pressure because the sample was so inspiring I knew I could flip it. It was ending the Flashback CD so I wanted to leave on a smooth note, which was perfect because it got ready for “Heaven's Fall Out.” Damn I just realized that. Damn we're nice! [laughs.]

Super Official: I’m glad you mention “Heaven’s Fall Out,” which was probably one of the most creative albums that I've heard from an independent artist ever. Real briefly, what was the thought process behind that record?

Precize: Well Saint kind of made the project official, but it was already starting to happen. All of us at GFC have a crazy ear and we listen to a lot of different music. We went over a bunch of records we were fans of and if Mickey liked it then he was rapping over it. We had no borders or limits with the record and we took it somewhere rappers never have. It's something you’re going to look back on a year or 2 from now and think “damn now every body wants to rap on Potters Head and Bijork, I remember when Mick did that in 07.”

Super Official: Speaking of Mickey, what’s the history behind you and Mr. Factz?

Precize: It’s actually real funny because we met on MySpace like everyone and their ex girlfriend.

Super Official: Really!

Precize: Yeah, I put up this amazing record Pharrell did with Cassius ("Eye Water") because it was so inspiring and Mickey heard it and thought I made it. That made him want to hear more of my beats and he was really impressed. I didn’t even think he was that hot as an MC, this was more then 2 years ago. I was living in Boston at the time, and he's like “I have to come to Boston for the weekend.” He came out and next thing you know we made “80's Babies” the first night (for those who are real fans) and the rest is history. Now that’s like my brother, so once I start working with Madonna and Cold Play and go Hollywood, we’re still going be homeys. Shit, I'll still send him a snippet or something. [laughs.]

Super Official: Uh oh, don’t go Hi-Tek/Talib Kweli on the dude.

Precize: Chill b, I don't sample. [laughs.]

Super Official: True. Now it seems that Mickey is just starting to take notice to the mainstream public. He was just featured in XXL recently which is a huge accomplishment. How has it been for you as a producer working with him? Are other artists starting to take notice, requesting Precize tracks or are you like the old Manny Fresh w/ Cash Money and exclusive to GFC?

Precize: Well GFCny is my team, but we all came together with our movement. I had my own sound and vision as to who I wanted to be already. I wanted to come into the game breaking an artist, Mickey just happened to be him. Timbaland had Genuine, Pharrell had the Clipse and Kelis, Dr. Dre had Snoop, Pollow Da Don had Rich Boy, I have Mickey Factz and Jade is next. Getting placements now a day is cool, but there's nothing better then breaking your own artist. But now that Mickey is picking up I'm also focused on working with different artist. I have some stuff in the works that I can’t say anything about yet, but it’s definitely big...VERY major.

Super Official: Uh oh, are we going to see that Jay-Z produced by Precize track!

Precize: Hey don’t be surprised. What up Jay Brown!!

Super Official: So we have Precize the artist, Precize the producer, what about Precize the person?

Precize: I came to the U.S. when I was 3. Lived in Queens with all these Greeks but still urban. Then I moved to Boston when I was 9, moved to the suburbs of Massachusetts when I was 13, ran away a couple of times, dropped out of college sophomore year and came to New York at 20. I'm 22 now. The reason why I tell you all of this is because it had to do with my taste in music. My parents weren’t around so I had to choose what kind of music I listened to. I grew up listening to Nirvana, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, and Radio head. I didn’t start listening to Hip Hop until I was 13. Besides being a musician, I’m just an artist at heart.

Super Official: Tell us about “Rockin n Rollin” w/ The Cool Kids; 2 of the biggest up and coming and most influential artists of our time, on one track, produced by none other than Precize. How does that feel with all that you've been thru?

Precize: Its dope, they're my peoples anyway. We're all from the same circle Mickey, The Cool Kids, Kid Cudi, Jade, T London, ect... We all pretty much started around the same time and it’s great to collaborate with your piers. It’s pretty cool though when girls call me and says “I saw your face flashing on MTV on that “Rockin N Rolling” Puh Puh.”

Super Official: Speaking of fan response, what is your craziest story from being on tour with Mickey?

Precize: Well one time this girl....nah Chill b, girls are prolly going be reading this. Next question…

Super Official: Ok, we'll just wait for the book. The music industry and its money isn’t like it once was, do you and GFC have plans for other ventures outside of making music?

Precize: Of course, like I said before I'm into art in general so I'll venture off eventually but I want to master one thing at a time.

Super Official: What new projects are you currently working on? Aside from the hush hush major ventures...

Precize: The Clipse picked a couple of tracks up, Mya and 2 new acts off Universal have a few tracks. But aside from Mick, my main focus is my new artist Jade, she’s my female artist and she’s amazing. Look out for her next, she'll be out soon.

Super Official: At the end of the day, what are you looking to get out of your career?

Precize: I want to be known as someone who pushed the boundaries, someone who brought music forward and made music that people really enjoyed. I want to work with Jay-Z, turn around and fly to Scotland to work with Cold Play, and then go to Mexico work with Zoe. Overall, I want be one of the best.

Super Official: On a final note, the 3 top artists you dream of working with.

Precize: Thom Yorke, Zoe, Bilal, and Me'Shell Ndegeocello

Super Official: I said 3.

Precize: Sorry, I'm a huge Me'Shell Ndegeocello fan.

Super Official: [laughing] I’m just kidding. Precize, it was great speaking with you, I appreciate it. Tell Mickey I said what up and he's next on our hot seat.

Precize: Aight cool, it was my pleasure.

Check out Precize now on Mickey Factz' latest mixCD "The Inspiration," and his newest artist Jade. Also look out for new music from The Clipse, and Mya produced by Precize.


Pretty solid interview Marc! I know this is a few years old but what happened to tracks w/ The Clipse he mentioned? I could totally hear Pusha T at least over some Precize beatz.

What happened to this guy?

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